Michael E. Byczek and Katherine S. Byczek
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Michael is the son of Michael M. Byczek and is the fifth generation of a founding settler of Chicago. He grew up and still resides in the Bridgeport neighborhood. He was privately tutored for most of his early education and is currently a licensed Illinois attorney and real estate broker. Technical and engineering training was completed at the Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Maryland, and University of Illinois. He excelled during legal studies at The John Marshall Law School and has combined law and technology with multiple professional level computer certifications and software development experience.

Katie is the daughter of Michael M. Byczek, and the fifth generation member of a founding settler of Chicago. She grew up in the Bridgeport neighborhood. Her education consisted of private tutoring with a concentration in the areas of music, dance, and tennis. First place awards were granted to her during competitions at a variety of events. Undergraduate studies began with a year of Engineering Physics, and the degree was awarded for Mechanical in 2010. Training included work in HVAC, internal combustion engines, heat & mass transfer, fluid dynamics, and a minor in Applied Mathematics. She is currently working in the engineering technology industry.


Michael E. Byczek and Katherine S. Byczek

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Michael and Katherine's family consists of their mother Betty and father Mick. Our Chicago genealogical roots date back to 1835. Several members of our family tree have been notable in many distinct areas of business and government service. They include the chief judge of the Chicago Municipal Court in the early 1900s, an alderman, a World's Fair promoter, piano teacher, World War I and II veterans, naval reservist during Vietnam, Illinois attorneys, a state representative, variety of small business owners, a real estate developer, insurance professional, scientist/engineer, and software developer.

Mick and Betty introduced their son Michael & daughter Katie to tennis at the M-T tennis club in Chicago. Katie was four at the time, and she showed good athletic ability right away. Michael played competitively for a number of years. His highest award was during a tournament at Northwestern University as a finalist. Katie played for several years and won a first place trophy at a Chicago tournament.

Mick and Betty introduced their daughter Katie to music at an early age with regular piano lessons. She excelled with Mozart, Chopin, and Beethoven. Recitals occurred three times a year. Some of her favorite works were Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata, several Mozart piano sonatas, and a variety of Chopin compositions. Katherine has expanded her interest in music to include several modern performers. Her early classical training is the foundation that bridged the transition to popular music.

Mick and Betty introduced their son Michael to the guitar at any early age. He concentrated his training in classical guitar, and later developed skill in the acoustic field. His early performances were associated with Segovia guitar pieces, and later works were numbers by Johnny Cash, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney. He owns a Garcia Spanish guitar and several Fender electric guitars.

Michael M. Byczek coached and choreographed his daughter Katie's Irish dances during the summer festivals in and around Chicago. She won three first place awards at the Milwaukee Feis, and joined a well-known school of Irish dance that year to continue her training for the Oireachtas. Katie's dances during her last competition were her best ever, but she did not qualify for the championships. Katherine spent approximately ten years perfecting her Irish dance steps, and turned her attention to ballet training prior to college.

Michael M. Byczek introduced his son to little league baseball at McGuane Park in Chicago. He managed a team to first place. Michael made the All-Star team that year. Armour Park was chosen as the training facility since it was ideally located near U.S. Cellular Field. The original Comiskey Park is located across the street from the baseball diamonds. Michael's athletic ability was apparent in his batting and excellent control of center field at every game. Several trophies were awarded to him during those years.

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